Traditional acupuncture session, which includes essential oils, light bodywork and, if needed, Gua Sha or fire cupping. If this is your first session, Grace will provide a complete assessment, consultation and 30 minutes of acupuncture. You will discover how acupuncture can help you on all levels; mentally, physically and emotionally. Book a 90 minute session, if you’d like more bodywork.

  • New Client Special $30 off! 75-90 min - $90

  • Existing Clients: 1hr - $90, 90 min - $120

Tui Na Massage

This ancient Chinese medical massage utilizes East Asian philosophy around acupuncture to help the body adapt to the stressors of physical tension and injuries. I completed in-depth study of this technique in China. Typically done with clothes on, Tui Na, uses pulling and rolling motions to open energy meridians in the body. It’s great for relaxation and healing injuries.

  • 1 hr - $90

Grace & Medicine

“The Works”

Experience all of Grace’s nurturing gifts with an intuitive combination of acupuncture, energy psychology, EMDR, light bodywork, essential oils, crystals, and tuning forks. This is Grace’s specialty—a total reset for the mind, body and spirit. (Cupping and Gua Sha included as needed.)

  • 75 min - $120

Thriving Mama

If you are seeking fertility assistance, or are a Mama or Mama-to-be, this session is for you! You’ll experience “the works” of acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy, energy work, (and EMDR, cupping, or Gua Sha if needed), as well as an in-depth consultation for only $99. After this introductory session, we can discuss the best course of treatment and package for your needs. To learn more about the benefits of fertility, pregnancy and postpartum acupuncture, go here.

Monthly Packages


  • Four 1 hour acupuncture or massage sessions - $330 ($30 off!)

  • Four 75 min “The Works” sessions - $440 ($40 off!)


  • Four 1 hour acupuncture or massage sessions - $675 ($25 off!)

  • Four 75 min “The Works” sessions - $745 ($35 off!)

Would you prefer a treatment in your home?

Grace offers in-home treatments in and near Encinitas, California (Del Mar, Solana Beach, Cardiff, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Rancho Santa Fe).

  • New Client Special 75-90 min - $175 ($25 off!)

  • Existing Clients:

    • Acupuncture or Massage 1 hr -$175 , 90 min - $195

    • “The Works” 75 min - $195

    • Four 1 hour acupuncture or massage sessions - $675 ($25 off!)

    • Four 75 min “The Works” sessions - $745 ($35 off!)

Short on time, but in need of relief?


If you are experiencing muscle tension, especially in the neck shoulders or back, traditional fire cupping or skin "scraping" (Gua Sha) are perfect remedies. In this potent but quick 45 min session, Grace will combine light needling with your choice of either cupping or Gua Sha for deep muscle relief.

45 min - $75

Emotional Breakthrough

This is a mini session that utilizes EMDR and auricular (ear) acupuncture to help reset the nervous system and to rewire emotional trauma that may be stored in the body. Good for those that can't explain why they feel off but know it's due to some emotional trauma.

45 min - $75

New clients, once you’ve scheduled your session, on-boarding forms will be emailed to you.

It is important to have these forms filled out before your session.

If you would like a brief phone consultation to learn how Grace & Medicine can help you,

please call or text Grace ( 760.456.7904) to schedule a 15 min call.