Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum Acupuncture

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are well known for their ability to increase fertility, enhance health during pregnancy, induce labor, and reduce the chance of depression and hormone imbalances in postpartum. Because assisting women with their pregnancy journey is one of my favorite things to do, I created a luxurious first session for all fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum clients. In a 90 minute “Thriving Mama” session, you’ll experience “the works” of acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy, energy work, (and EMDR, cupping, or Gua Sha if needed), as well as an in depth consultation for only $99. Book now.

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Fertility Acupuncture

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas can improve chance of conception in many ways. They help regulate hormones and menstrual cycle, improve blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, thicken the uterine lining, and reduce miscarriage. The overall health benefits of reduced stress and an enhanced immune system also create an inviting space for a new life to begin within you. Successful fertility treatments typically require weekly visits for 2-3 months. Packages are available. Schedule a Thriving Mama session to begin your journey!


Pregnancy acupuncture

Acupuncture during pregnancy is a great way to reduce nausea, boost your immune system and lessen stress. It can also address common body aches and bloating without the use of medication. And, if needed, certain protocols can be used to help induce labor when the time is right, which I did, to welcome my baby, Mia, into the world!

Postpartum Acupuncture

Postpartum is a crucial time for self care. Postpartum depression, which I experienced, is so common. It’s so easy to get consumed with the demands of parenting a newborn and forget to give our bodies the proper recovery care they need. Postpartum acupuncture can help increase energy, re-balance hormones, and result in a much happier, healthier new mama!